Sunday, June 14, 2009

Final Treatment!

Gall bladder stones - products of untreated illness that happened in year 2000.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Campus Recruitment in Amdocs, Cyprus, in NIT Jamshedpur - yr.2000

Quoting the contents from the above link:

Jamshedpur: That the information technology boom is truly on can be gauged not only from the prices of the `new economy' stocks but also from the hectic campus selections being conducted at the engineering and other institutions in the country by software companies of all sizes, including the leading names. And some of the 17 regional engineering colleges (RECs) in the country have become favourite visiting spots of these companies in the last two years.
Of the 10 companies who have so far either visited or are scheduled to visit the Regional Institute of Technology (RIT), Jamshedpur, nine are software companies, which include leading names like Satyam Computers, Wipro, Infosys, Patni Computer Servives (PCS), BPL Software, among others.
And foreign IT companies are not much behind in the race for picking up candidates. Cyprus-based Amdocs and US-based Cadence have approached the RIT for their needs. While the former has selected 15 candidates, the latter is in the process of vetting the right candidates from the 34 curriculum vitae forwarded to them.
According to R Yadav, principal of the Regional Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, "The RECs have become a hunting ground for the companies as most students of the IITs are taking assignments abroad. Earlier, the RECs were only a second line of defence".
Said NK Narain, professor in-charge, training and placement at the RIT here on Friday to The Financial Express, some of the leading names in the Indian IT scene, like Satyam Computers, Wipro, Infosys have already visited the institution since August 4 last when the placements took off officially.Of the 214 candidates eligible for placements this year - a first class in any of the disciplines offered like BE, MCA or M Tech has been fixed as a minimum by the institution - 84 have till date already been placed. The remaining are expected to be placed by September-end.
Amdocs, a Cyprus-based software company, a first-timer for placements here, visited the campus as early as May last to pick up around 15 candidates from BE (computer science) and MCA students. The company offered each of the newly appointed software engineers an annual package of around Rs 11 lakh.Satyam Computers, Wipro and Infosys picked up 25, 12 and 17 candidates respectively, the difference being that while the first two picked up candidates from among BE (electronics/electrical/computer science), Infosys scanned students of all the engineering disciplines for their haul of 17.
Also, while all the three have offered an annual package of Rs 2.10 lakh to those selected, Infosys has so far been the only one to offer the added carrot of stock option to their selections. BFL Software and Kanbay Software have offered their pick of seven and 10 candidates annual packages of Rs 2.70 lakh and Rs 1.80 lakh respectively.
Even lesser known IT companies like Syntel Software, Infornic Software etc are queuing up for recruitment at these campuses.Asked why the software companies were interested in picking up candidates from regional engineering colleges, Narain said, "Today more emphasis is being given on computer application in almost all disciplines of engineering". "As an example", he said, "the BE (metallurgy) syllabus today includes a subject like CAM (computer application in metallurgy); it is likewise in al other disciplines of engineering".
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