Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Contribution to Medical Science.

Important Findings (Specially for Ladies)

How things affect our body?

We should be careful about what we eat.
Normal flows of qi and blood are the basics of good health. Heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys, and liver are responsible for the creation and storage of qi and Blood.
The liver must circulate "qi" correctly throughout the body. If qi flow is disturbed, lot of complications can arise. If there is problem in qi circulation in any part of the body, it can combine with other conditions like blood stagnantation to cause health problems.
The syndrome uterus Qi constraint may cause difficult, painful, copious or irregular periods, as well as premenstrual tension (PMS). Often linked to excessively high or low levels of the hormones estrogen or progesteron. High levels of Progesterone/Estrogen can lead to swelling of breast and stomach and also, stoppage of menstruation.

No test exist for testing qi of liver.
Please read:
liver qi stagnation

When we eat something poisonous, qi of the spleen, stomach and liver are affected and this could lead to death as eventually liver will fail to circulate qi properly in other organs.
When we inhale poisonous gases, the qi of the lungs is disturbed and it could lead to death.
If we can invent a medicine that can "immediately" bring back (restore) qi to its normal circulation throughout the body, when a person intakes/inhales something poisonous, lives can be saved.

Liver circulates qi in spleen, stomach, kidney, uterus, heart, lungs.
So, medical science still has lot to improve. There should be tests for Liver qi.
There should be medicines to restore disturbed qi circulation.

This is 'My Contribution to Medical Science'.
(7 years back I had food poisoning and had similar complications of health along with a stone in the kidney.)