Friday, March 21, 2014

Grean Leafy vegetables (Trying some Botany)

As we saw in the previous blog that plants and trees manufacture oxygen and food with the help of
their green leaves by a process named photosynthesis. The green leaves are able to do so because
they contain a green matter called chlorophyll that chemically combines water and carbon di oxide in the presence of sunlight to produce food and release oxygen.
  This oxygen is life for living beings on earth. We inhale it and also burn food for the purpose of releasing energy that keeps our body fit and active. In the process we release carbon di oxide.
  So, indirectly, we are dependent on sun and chlorophyll for energy.
 Now, if we directly intake green leafy vegetables, won't it be quite beneficial?
These green leafy vegetables have high amounts of chlorophyll and when intook increases the oxygen levels in our blood, the essential food for the cells. The oxygen is transported to the different
parts of our tissues by a blood element known as haemoglobin which combines with oxygen to
form oxyhaemoglobin.

The food that plant produces during photosynthesisis are known as Glucose, fructose and sucrose. Sucrose are found in sugarcane. The crystalline sugar that we eat is mainly sucrose. Fructose is found in many fruits. Glucose is the simplest Carbohydrate.   It is known as blood sugar and it is the one that is available to all the cells  through the blood flowing in our body.
       The brain activities are enhanced by Glucose i.e brain cells needs Glucose for its good performance.
      Thus, both oxygen and sugar is transported to the cells via bloodstream where the cells use oxygen during its respiration to burn the sugar and release energy for our day to day work. Lot of oxygen is required during this process.
    Hence, the importance of Glucose and Carbohydrates and of Green Leafy vegetables directly.
   Mostly, all fruits and vegetables contain sugar.

    What happens when there's no glucose? The body turns to Fats and Proteins resources for energy. 

(Experimental research still pending .... )