Monday, March 17, 2014

Holi Hai

It's Holi day today, definitely a Holy day and  a Holiday.
         People are enjoying on the streets with containers filled with liquid colors i.e colors mixed in water that they use in throwing at each other. This gives them a sense of elation specially to the kids and teenagers who find a great deal of happiness in celebrating this festival of colors. Music and dance has captured the surroundings as people perform without any training, dancing and singing the way they want to, with all carelessness and casualness.
          In the evening time, the adults are more actively involved in this special occasion of coloring each other with abir , a form of harmless dry color.
                  All kinds of eatables are not behind in these fun loving moments. Ladies at home usually prepare a number of tasty and mouth watering dishes that circulate among friends, neighbors and family on the special eve of Holi.
        So celebrate the wonderful day of Holi happily and gleefully. Happy Holi to all.